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It's a shame about the World Tourism Organization

It is not new that tourism activity is paused (or shall we say suffering an agony?). It is no novelty to affirm that thousands of travel agencies, tour operators, etc. are going to bankrupt and millions of employees and entrepreneurs are losing their jobs. It is not an exclusive either that the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) is not doing anything for this problem.

A calling on innovators and entrepreneurs to accelerate tourism recovery, is the only think of the tourism first authority? What happens to the ideas of this organization with privileges, resources and market linkages to curb and and help? Why those few answers only from UNWTO?

For several decades, The World Tourism Organization, could not overcome some problems:

  • Its job duties are limited only to the intentions and expressions of recommendations, but has a lack of regulations.

  • The UNWTO activities focus on tourists, as the leading player of tourism, leaving out the issues of workers, professionals, students, local communities, etc.

  • UNWTO handles global requirements and big city needs, disavowing the realities of every country.

  • It has a low relationship with non-governmental agencies.

  • It does not contemplate a cohesion between speeches and actions.

  • Its general meetings may have a higher frequency and may include more quantity of voices and have in mind the society for a decision making.

  • The reports are only limited to bring statistics and numbers. For example: website is focused to bring positive news and numbers.

  • Lots of documents are being generated by external advisers, and they are only in English language.

  • It brings few training opportunities. They are no universals, and does not offer grants. Only government employees or people that can access to them.

  • UNWTO must to improve transparency in personnel matters as hirings and promotions.

  • Its centralised actions are focused on Europe and Asia luxury destinations.

  • As It does not have an office in every country, the access and knowledge of social reality are very difficult.

  • It is functional to business and big real estate projects.

  • UNWTO has not in mind communities that do not want to live ¨in¨ and ¨of¨ the tourism.

  • It does not attack negative tourism forms as¨ sexual, drugs, suicide, etc.

  • Is has been very little critical with general tourism level, and very patronizing with governments, because of UNWTO is focused on tourism promotion rather than improvement, and does not punish countries that impinge on their own tourist potential.

About UNWTO:

For the UNWTO the Tourism is an economic process and then social, because in all of the actions and speeches predominate and economic approaches and the social is largely relegated to the minimum actions. This can be easily concluded when surf the Web page.

World tourism organization was created in Madrid, Spain on 1975 to promote tourism on an international level, and from 2003 functions as a UN specialized agency.It has 156 country members, but It has at at least 38 non- adherent members , founding USA in that list.

The international tourism day was observed by the WTO eaxh 27 September, day when its statute was approved.

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