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Open registrations for the 2024 Open Passport Award in Buga, Colombia

Actualizado: 26 abr

The World Organization of Travel Journalism is pleased to announce the opening of registrations for the international Open Passport Award 2024, to be held in Buga, Colombia, on Thursday, September 5, as part of the World Travel Journalist Day. Participation is entirely free, and submissions will be accepted until May 30, 2024, via email at

The nominees will be announced on June 6 through



1. Social relevance.

2. Recognition of others.

3. Originality.

4. Journalistic research.


5. Outstanding tourism-focused media.

6. Event of the year.

7. Best tourism proposal.

8. Responsible tourism destination.


9. Committed tourism entrepreneurs.

10. Teamwork.

11. Collaborating organization.

12. Lifetime achievement.

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