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World Digital Solidarity Day

Actualizado: 15 may

Under the slogan "Artificial Intelligence for Global Collaboration", the World Travel Journalism Organization alongside the Dominican Association of Tourism Press (Adompretur), the Dominican Society of Digital Media (Sodomedi), and the University of La Serena, Chile; among other organizations, will celebrate World Digital Solidarity Day on June 6th with a virtual and free event featuring presentations from international speakers.


5 PM Mexico

6 PM Colombia

7 PM Dominican Republic

8 PM Argentina and Chile

Registrations will soon open for the public interested in participating #SolidaridadDigital #DigitalSolidarity

World Solidarity Day is important for raising awareness about digital collaboration in any field: recognizing the value of technology in promoting a fairer world by fostering support, exchange, and dissemination of activities and ventures on websites and social media.

The celebration of World Solidarity Day also aims to sensitize people about the importance of promoting humanitarian discourse and practices that encourage respect, safety, and honesty in digital environments.

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